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Native Small Trees

Scientific NameCommon NameTypeHeightHabitatColorBloom TimeExposureFeatures
Aesculus pavia Red Buckeye Deciduous 8-10' Prefers average to wet soils, but drought-tolerant Purple to red March-May Full sun - shade Showy red flowers. Cultivars offer variable colors. Very fast growing and easy. Has the first red tubular flowers to bloom in spring (important for hummingbirds). Seeds are deadly poisonous if eaten!
Amelanchier canadensis Serviceberry Deciduous 15-25' Average to dry Yellow, orange, red Fall foliage; White flowers in Spring March-April Part sun - shade White flowers; bluish black fruits. Great understory tree with early, but brief, spring flowering and premier fall foliage. Fruit attracts wildlife
Carpinus caroliniana American Hornbeam Deciduous 20-30' Moist soils; moderately drought-tolerant Yellow, orange, red Fall foliage   Sun - shade Smooth bark; zig-zag branch form creates attractive sillhouette in winter. Easy care. Great for woodland gardens; thrives in shade.
Cercis canadensis Redbud Deciduous 20-30' Moist to average; drought-tolerant Clusters of rosy pink flowers March-April Full sun - shade Heart shaped leaves appear after magenta flowers bloom in early spring. White and weeping cultivars. Great ornamental tree near patios. First sign of spring.
Chionanthus virginicus Fringe Tree, Grancy Greybeard Deciduous 12-20' Moist to average Creamy White fragrant flowers March-May Full - part sun Lovely sweet fragrance. Showy flowers resemble beard of an old man; attracts birds. Very beautiful, adaptable tree that blooms with dogwoods and azaleas.
Cornus florida Flowering Dogwood Deciduous 25-30' Dry to average White flowers; Red to purple Fall foliage; Red berries March-April Full sun - shade Blossoms are a familiar and cherished emblem of sprinttime in the South. Hundreds of cultivars exist. Among earliest spring bloomers. Attract birds.
Crataegus marshallii Parsley Hawthorn Deciduous 20' Moist valley soils White flowers, red fruit April-May   Easiest of hawthorns to recognize. Widespreading habit. White clustered flowers in Spring
Halesia carolina Carolina Silverbell Deciduous 30' Average White flowers; Yellow leaves in Fall March-May Full sun - shade Drooping large white bell-shaped flowers. Several cultivars, including some with pink flowers.
Hamamelis virginiana WitchHazel Deciduous 15-30' Average Yellow foliage in Fall; Creamy to bright Yellow flowers in Winter July-Oct. Full sun - shade Fragrant flowers in fall that droop and curl like an octopus (interesting look). Used for shrub borders, wildlife habitat, and naturalistic landscapes. Medicinal.
Ilex opaca American Holly Evergreen 20-40' Average to dry; drought-tolerant White (inconspicuous) flowers; Red or orange berries in winter March-April Full sun - shade Dioecious, so takes male and female to produce berries. Slow growing, long lived. Attracts and shelters birds
Ilex cassine Dahoon Holly Evergreen 30' Moist, sandy to dry soils White (inconspicuous); Bright red or yellow berries in winter March-April Full sun - shade Narrow growth habit. Great for woodland plantings or in wet areas. Great understory tree in swampy areas. Berries attract wildlife in winter.
Juniperus virginiana Red Cedar Evergreen 40-50' Average to dry Dark green foliage   Full - part sun Salttolerant; aromatic. Offers nesting and cover to birds. Symmetrical, pyramidal shape. Great for windbreak
Magnolia virginiana Sweetbay Magnolia Deciduous 40-60' Moist areas White April-July Partial shade Bears large, fragrant, white flowers. Leaves are silvery underneath. Small fruits turn bright red in fall. Good backdrop to smaller wetland plantings
Malus angusti-folia Southern Crabapple Deciduous 30' Moist soils of lower slopes and valleys Brown foliage in Fall; Pink petals April-May   Flowers in clusters. Short trunk, spreading branches and broad open crown. Apple-like fruit in summer
Persea borbonia Red Bay Evergreen 50-60' Average to dry; drought-tolerant Glossy green foliage; Blue fruit (inconspicuous)   Light shade Bright green aromatic leaves with grayish undersides. Used in naturalistic plantings.
Prunus caroliniana Cherry Laurel Evergreen 20-40' Prefers moist areas, but drought-tolerant White flowers; Blueblack fruit after flowers Feb-April Full sun - partial shade Fruit attracts birds, but toxic to humans. Can be trimmed hedge or specimen tree. Easy care.
Sassafras albidum Sassafras Deciduous 30-60' Moist, sandy to dry soils Yellow, orange, purple, pink, red foliage in Fall; Yellowgreen flowers March-April   Aromatic. Coarsely ridged red-brown bark with scent when cut. Planted for attractive foliage and fall colors. Shiny blue berries in late summer through winter

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