Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor Living Areas

The Charleston area is very fortunate to have such beautiful weather throughout the year; thus, utilizing outdoor living space has become a must-have for many Lowcountry homeowners. Our outdoor living areas can range from small patios centered around a fire pit to extensive outdoor rooms with a covered pergola and fireplace. Our design team works diligently to create the perfect outdoor living space that fits your individual needs and budget. Furthermore, we will utilize good design principles so that your outdoor living space combines charm and function.

The first step to good design for outdoor living areas is to establish a variety of zones and uses. Often times the areas can be broken up into dining and leisure; however, for larger spaces there may be the opportunity for cooking stations. All of this will depend on the size of the overall area and how the homeowner plans to utilize the spaces. Rugs, furniture, walls, and structures can all help to create visual separation of areas.

Creating traffic patterns will add extra space that will provide good flow throughout the living area. No matter the size of your yard, outdoor living spaces will work better with good traffic flow. Different ways to create this include formal walkways, using different hardscape materials, or planting vegetation in certain areas.

Including a variety of seating options such as benches, chairs, even pint-size stools will allow a variety of guests to enjoy your outdoor living area. A seat wall that is terraced provides different sitting heights for kids. Chairs can be moved around to accommodate parties, while outdoor couches create a more relaxing sitting option. However, it is important not to have too much to where it feels cluttered or disrupts traffic flow.

Good design, whether indoor or outdoor, always seizes the opportunity to play off of a focal point. Fireplaces create a great centerpiece to sit around and enjoy. Sculptures and water features tucked in corners provide visual and audible appeal. Often times the focal points can help to create a visual pattern for your eyes to follow, taking you from one space to another.

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