Swimming Pools and Spas in Charleston, SC

Swimming Pools, Charleston, SC

The value and elegance of a swimming pool and spa lie in their ability to seamlessly complement the style of the home and the landscape. The experienced and well-trained team of designers, architects, and installers at Coastal Landscape Design can readily transform your outdoor space into a functional and beautiful oasis. We design and build custom pools and spas, taking care of all the details including permitting, grading, designing, drainage, and construction, lighting, and softscaping.

Custom Pool & Spa Designs

We specialize in creating luxurious outdoor spaces with our custom-built in-ground pool and spa design and build services. You can have your pool designed in any shape and style, including all the functional and fun features you can think of. From custom safety features to textured pool surfaces, we can transform your ideas into reality.

Pool Types

Building a pool in your yard is a significant investment and we understand its importance to you. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that you get exactly what you seek within your budget. You can expect a hassle-free experience, as we take care of all aspects of your pool and spa installation process. Some of the common pool types that we design, and build include:

  • Shotcrete pools
  • Alternative finished pools including concrete, stone, plaster, and tiles
  • Fiberglass pools

Custom-Designed Spa

You may be looking for a hot tub for your family or an elaborate in-ground spa to enhance the relaxation and beauty factor in your backyard. We can custom design and install the right feature to your specifications. Whatever the current condition of your backyard, we can create a plan that fits your budget, personal requirements, and schedule. Since we have over two decades of industry experience in providing full-service landscaping, hardscaping, and outdoor living construction services, we can transform your backyard and install a luxurious spa the way you want it.

Designing The Perfect Swimming Pool or Spa

When it comes to creating the perfect pool or spa, it is important to take the whole picture into account. We focus on making every square foot of the available space beautiful and functional. This allows us to bring more usage and enjoyment out of the pool/spa and its surroundings. Some of the different styles of pools that we are regularly designing, and building include:

  • Traditional Roman-style pool that connects straight lines and curves.
  • Geometric pools with their sharp lines softened by proper softscaping.
  • Retro-style pools with natural stone waterfalls.
  • Free-form pools that revolve around your preferences and personal taste.
  • Lap or rectangular pools customized designed to fit backyards of different sizes.

Our pool designers will conduct a site assessment and survey analysis after learning about your ideas. Once the local codes and standards are obtained, we will develop with pool and/or spa design. Our designers will provide you a range of options in the areas of pool designs, moving water accents, lighting, plantscapes, and seating and entertaining areas.

Choose The Pool & Spa Experts

Coastal Landscape Design is a fully licensed and insured, full-service landscaping company in Charleston, SC. With over 20 years of industry experience, we are well on our way to become the premier landscape contractor in the region. Our founder and owner are personally involved in each project. There is no landscaping, hardscaping, or outdoor living project that is too big or too small for us. When it comes to pools and spas, we enjoy working on the smallest or the most elaborate and luxurious projects. Whether you want to design and build a new pool or spa, want to upgrade, or have an unfinished project, we have the expertise, experience, and resources to complete it to your specifications. Call us today at (843) 559-3311 or write to us using this Online Form.

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