Patios are a very common source of outdoor gathering here in the Lowcountry. While patios can range in size and material, we find that a 300 to 400 square foot patio using pavers is the best option for use and longevity. However, we understand that each client and site is unique; thus, we are happy to review different options with our customers.

Concrete is a less expensive way to install patios, but unfortunately concrete will always crack leaving you with unsightly marks on your patio. Concrete also does not have the aesthetic appeal as many other materials. In order to dress it up we often add oyster shell tabby and a brick border.

Natural stone, like bluestone, adds a formal look that you find in many of the downtown properties. The natural textures and cuts of the stone can give your patio a wonderful look that is second to none.

Another option for a patio is the use of permeable pavers. Permeable pavers are a great way to add a functional outdoor space with a minimal environmental footprint. The leading cause of water pollution is water run-off. Permeable pavers combined with other landscape enhancements can help you not only save money in the long run but also minimize your water run-off.

We can also add a sitting wall to your patio to expand your seating area and add a raised bed behind it for a great landscape enhancement. Putting in a fire pit will provide a cozy place to entertain people as the centerpiece of your yard.

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