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Landscape Services, Charleston, SC

There are many elements that come together to create a landscape that looks, feels, and functions like a paradise. We at Coastal Landscape Design specialize in all areas of softscaping, hardscaping, and irrigation. We serve residential and commercial clients throughout Charleston, SC. Explore the range of services we offer and how we can make a big impact on your property and lifestyle.

Residential Landscaping

Your home is your personal retreat that should speak of comfort, coziness, and warmth. Our landscaping and hardscaping services cover all aspects of your outdoors to design and construct/install features that help you transform your vision and ideas into reality. Whatever your functional and aesthetic needs and preferences, we have the experience and expertise in achieving them. We help you with planning your softscaping choices and layout including trees, shrubs, and annuals. Our landscaping solutions cover sod installation, irrigation, and outdoor lighting as well.

Our hardscaping crews can design and build any type of hardscape to enhance your outdoor living area, lifestyle, and home’s value. We create patios, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and kitchens, retaining walls, walkways, and other outdoor features, all customized to your functional needs, aesthetic desires, and your backyard’s dimensions and existing features. Your home’s softscapes and hardscapes are an extension of your lifestyle, interests, and personality, and we have the expertise in designing them after fully understanding your needs, preferences, vision, and expectations. Read More About Residential Landscaping >>

Commercial Landscaping

Landscapes have the potential to make or break business prospects for commercial properties. They create the first impression on your prospects and are an important part of your property’s curb appeal. We provide landscaping solutions to HOA’s, builders, developers, and local businesses throughout the greater Charleston area. We install everything from plant packages to complete community landscapes. Our fall landscape enhancement solutions cover everything including flower beds, shrubs, mixed-height plantings, and ornamental trees. Trees are an important asset to any commercial landscape. They can last for decades. Our tree installation services help you choose and install the right species for your property.

From sod installation to mulch and ground cover services, we create healthy and beautiful turfs that enhance your property’s value. We also provide irrigation installation solutions for proper hydration and longevity of your lawn. Our high-quality commercial landscaping solutions reflect your organization’s professionalism. We also design and install entrance features to improve your property’s curb appeal. Read More About Commercial Landscaping >>

Landscape Design

We create landscaping designs that enhance the quality of life and value of the property. Our design process takes all your needs and preferences into account and combines them with our experience and expertise. The process involves a meeting to ensure that the design meets all your specifications and fits your budget and style requirements. This is followed by the creation of a to-scale drawing that addresses both the aesthetic and functional needs. As a full-service landscaping company, we take care of everything from the design stage to the installation stage and everything in between.

Our design phase also involves assistance to our clients in preparation and research. Our crew can assist you with information on different plant material options, sharing concept images with you to make the right choices. Once all the meeting and research stages are complete and the plans are approved, we move ahead with the installation process. Read More About Landscape Design >>


We design and install pools that create your personal vacation spot in your backyard. Our experienced crew specializes in the design and installation of different types of pools including gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl pools and alternative finished pools with plaster, concrete, tiles, and stone surfaces. We are your one-stop-shop for all your landscaping needs. So, we take care of all aspects of your pool installation needs that cover designing, engineering, permits, and installation, providing you a hassle-free experience.

We will create the pool layout to help you visualize your pool based on its location, size, and shape. You may make cost-effective changes to your pool’s features during this stage. It is also created based on your lifestyle, budget, and unique needs. The CAD drawings provide detailed information on all the measurements. Once the layout has been approved, we will begin with the construction process. Our pool design and installation processes are driven by the goal to transform our clients’ ideas and vision of their outdoors. Read More About Pools >>


As a landscaping company, we understand that the choices made as part of the projects we handle have a huge impact on the environment. Not only do we employ the latest in sustainable design techniques, but we also product encouragement and education to our clients on sustainable practices. We follow the 1970 National Environmental Policy Act in guiding our decision-making process in meeting our client needs while preserving the environment. All our projects and processes focus on setting the right balance between aesthetic aspects and the preservation of the environment. This involves the use of the latest design methods in landscaping.

With over two decades of industry experience, we have mastered the art of designing landscapes that are eco-friendly and efficient. The right step to landscaping from the very start can go a long way in cutting your energy bills. Our sustainable landscaping design solutions also reduce noise pollution and the need for water, fuel, and pesticides. Read More About Sustainability >>

Native Plants

Native plants provide the advantage of adapting to the local soil and climate conditions and we specialize in the selection and installation of native trees, plants, flowering plants, and shrubs in the greater Charleston area. One of the most important reasons these species will thrive in your landscape is that they produce pollen, seeds, and nectar that serve food for the native birds, butterflies, and other fauna. With over 20 years of presence in this industry, we have in-depth knowledge and experience in creating plantscapes that thrive with abundance and beauty.

We can assist you in creating softscapes of your dreams include native plants that don’t require as much fertilizer, pesticides, and water. The choice of the right native plants can also help reduce water runoff, flooding, and air pollution. Our clients further prefer native plants for the aesthetic benefits they offer. We have access to unlimited plant material resources to meet your unique needs. Read More About Native Plants >>

Outdoor Living Areas

We design and build beautiful and functional outdoor living areas that allow you to make the most of the beautiful weather prevalent all year round in this region. We create patios, fire pits, fireplaces, pergolas, and other customized outdoor areas that meet your lifestyle and aesthetic requirements. Our experienced and skilled design team will work with you to transform your ideas of outdoor living into reality. Our experts will create different zones depending on their applications, such as leisure and dining. Depending on the space available, we can also incorporate cooking stations into the design.

Your customized outdoor living features can also allow you to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family after the sun goes down. We also design and build terraced seat walls to create seating facilities for everyone in the family. Spend quality time with friends and family around the fireplace on chilling nights or around water features on hot summer evenings. We use sustainable design principles to create outdoor living spaces that are beautiful and functional. Read More About Outdoor Living Areas >>


Patios, made to optimal size and from quality materials, are ideal for longevity and spending quality time with your family and friends. We design and build patios in different materials including concrete, natural stone, and permeable pavers based on your unique site requirements and preferences. Sitting walls and raised beds can be added to the feature to enhance the landscape and its functionality. The addition of a fire pit centerpiece can further increase the coziness and create a living area for entertaining guests.

Concrete patios with oyster shell tabby and brick borders make excellent cost-effective options. We also install natural stone such as bluestone to provide a more formal look. Permeable paver patios allow us to create beautiful and practical outdoor space with an eco-friendlier approach. Preventing water run-off, these pavers are both cost-effective and protect your outdoors from water issues in the long-term. As hardscaping specialists, we can incorporate any outdoor living feature in or around your patio to create a customized living space. Read More About Patios >>


Pavers bring charm, functionality, durability, and longevity to your outdoors. We specialize in the installation of both concrete pavers and porcelain pavers. From contemporary to modern walkways to patios, our concrete pavers can be customized to create the look and feel of stone or brick. We specialize in designing elegant and durable walkway sand driveways, specific to your existing landscape theme and your personal preferences.

Our outdoor porcelain tile pavers offer a series of benefits including durability, skid resistance, frost resistance, and ease of cleaning. These versatile tiles can be laid on dirt, gravel, grass, or sand, speeding up installation and reducing maintenance needs. With our commitment to sustainability, we emphasize the use of pavers made of minimal artificial additives. We can use shapes and colors with natural characteristics that fit perfectly into your landscaping theme. From pool decks to entrance ways, we can install pavers almost anywhere, depending on your unique outdoor hardscaping requirements. Read More About Pavers >>

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls offer many more benefits than just helping define your landscape. As a full-service landscaping company, we specialize in the design and installation of concrete retaining wall blocks that complement your landscape or other features including patios. Yards with pitch and elevation variations can benefit from our custom-designed and professionally installed retaining walls. We can also install them to provide the structure that holds planting beds in place. Landscapes and areas with potential erosion and soil-shifting issues can also benefit from retaining walls. Only expertly designed and constructed walls can neutralize the lateral soil pressure caused due to rain or other conditions.

We also design retaining walls to address irregularities associated with the turf and soil. Besides holding back the soil, our professionally designed walls also provide a custom look to an irregular-shaped landscape. We can also create retaining walls for steps that connect your front door and the sidewalk. Read More About Retaining Walls >>

Drainage/Storm Water Management

Water management is an important element of landscape management and we are the experts in taking care of this aspect of your property. We have the experience and expertise in handling your unique drainage issues using a wide range of solutions. Standing water on your property can cause serious damage to your landscape and building. Some of the common solutions we create to address drainage problems include downspout extensions, drain box addition, permeable paver addition, and grading specific areas. We have the experience in identifying your unique drainage issues and creating customized and effective solutions.

One of the most effective ways for effective water management is the use of permeable paving. We can identify the structures and features where permeable pavers are required, allowing stormwater to reach the soil for natural filtration. Our experts can also lay impervious blocks separated by blocks and joints to allow the water to filter through. Read More About Drainage/Storm Water Management >>


Professionally planned and installed fences mean greater security, safety, and privacy. We specialize in the use of different types of fencing materials to create customized solutions for our clients. Not only can we design and install fences that make your home a safer place, but we also create fences that enhance the beauty of your property. Our fence insulation crew specializes in all types of fences including picket, privacy, aluminum, wood, and living fences. We also cater to the unique needs of commercial clients in the region. The style, colors, and other aesthetics depend on you and your property. All our installations are testimony to our craftsmanship and commitment to quality in all aspects of the project.

As a landscaping company, we have the unique expertise in the creation of live and organic fences too. We can use the right vegetation customized to your existing landscape design and elements. Read More About Fences >>

Water Features

Water features have a unique place in any landscape theme. There are no other features that can provide the same feel and ambiance. We design and build all types of water features, customized to the available space and your unique needs. From waterfalls to fountains to ponds, we can custom design your features after a thorough site evaluation and meeting. Whether you want them to be standalone features or additions to your patio or other outdoor features, we have the expertise in addressing your unique needs.

As softscaping specialists, we bring with us a unique set of expertise and knowledge in water plants. We can, thus, create water features that create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that you can cherish with your family and friends, even on the hottest of days. The use of high-quality materials and proven design and construction techniques ensure that your water feature will last for a long time. Read More About Water Features >>

Low Voltage Lighting

Outdoor lighting has the potential to add a new dimension to your landscape. Expertly designed landscape lighting can reveal features that may have always remained hidden. We specialize in not just installing stunning landscapes, but also in low-voltage lighting that accentuates the elegance of those softscapes and hardscapes.

Our low-voltage outdoor lighting solutions enhance your property’s beauty during nighttime, add security, and create inviting outdoor areas for you to spend quality time with loved ones. From illuminating a walkway to highlighting the oak trees to up lighting a certain section of your home, there is so much that can be achieved with landscape lighting.

Some of our popular outdoor lighting treatments include string lights, post lights, outdoor lamps, LED outdoor lights, outdoor wall lights, energy-efficient lights, motion-activated lights, and deck motion lights to name a few. If you have any lighting ideas for your landscape, we can transform them into reality. Read More About Low Voltage Lighting >>

Concrete Install and Repair

Our concrete work solutions are specifically designed to address the needs of clients seeking cost-effective paving solutions. We install walkways, driveways, and under-deck areas with concrete. Concrete is valued for its durability, light color, and cost-effectiveness. Even when it is not pervious, we can use proper grading and installation techniques to prevent water run-off issues.

Known for its durability and functionality, concrete can be poured to create almost any shape. Modern technology has made it almost as resistant to cracking and chipping as paving stones. The latest advances in concrete and installation methods allow concrete to be used for many other features including customized countertops for patios and decks.

Concrete is quite versatile and can take up almost any shape. We can also texture tint and coat it to enhance the visual appeal. If you have a vision for your outdoor features and seek cost-effective solutions, we can make them possible with our concrete work. Read More About Concrete Install and Repair >>

Irrigation Design, Install, and Repair

The most common cause of unhealthy landscapes is the lack of proper irrigation or irrigation techniques. A well-planned and laid out irrigation system can take care of all your lawn and plant watering needs, saving your valuable time and cost in the long-term. We design and install customized irrigation systems depending on the unique needs of our clients’ landscapes.

We can design and install multi-zone sprinkler systems that allow you to control the amount of water reaching different areas. The use of top-quality systems and components ensures that your irrigation system will last for a long time, thus reducing your maintenance and replacement costs.

If you have an existing irrigation system, we can conduct periodic assessments for leaks, seasonal adjustments, and winterization. Our irrigation experts can also conduct an audit of your old system to determine whether it needs repair or replacement. As a landscaping company, we can bring unique insights into the services we provide. Read More About Irrigation Design, Install, and Repair >>

If you need any information about our landscaping, hardscaping, and irrigation services, feel free to get in touch with us at Coastal Landscape Design. Give us a call at 843 559 3311 or write to us using this Online Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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