Pool Options

Pool Options, Charlston, SC

Many property owners in and around Charleston, SC, seek beyond a standard pool, desiring amenities, and features to elevate their outdoor oasis. Beyond the basics, they aspire to incorporate enhancements that transform a conventional pool into a multifunctional and captivating space.

Including these enhancements ensures a customized and enriched pool experience, redefining the backyard as a luxurious and inviting retreat for relaxation and entertainment.

High-Quality Pool Features

At Coastal Landscape Design, LLC, we offer diverse pool options tailored for clients. Our expertise, abundant resources, creativity, and extensive experience enable us to meet a spectrum of client needs. Your pool, crafted by our team, assures uniqueness, functionality, durability, and significant value addition to your property.

We will deliver an exceptional pool that fulfills your desires while being a lasting and distinctive feature, enriching your property's aesthetics and providing a source of enduring enjoyment and satisfaction.

Range of Pool Options

Enhancing your pool goes beyond its primary function; it's about creating an immersive and enjoyable experience in your backyard. While pools offer relaxation, entertainment, or exercise, augmenting them with these additional features elevates the overall experience:

  • Swim Jet - Integrate a swim jet utilizing a high-power pump to simulate swimming against a current. This innovation allows for "laps" within a confined pool space, providing an excellent exercise option without physically moving through the water.

  • Deck Jets - Add deck jets, simple yet visually striking water features shooting streams from your pool deck into the water. These jets create an engaging atmosphere and add a touch of elegance to your pool area.

  • Laminars - Enhance your pool's ambiance with laminars - illuminated deck jets cast lighted water streams into the pool. These features offer a captivating nighttime visual spectacle, transforming your pool into a mesmerizing oasis after sunset.

  • Automatic Safety Cover - Choose an automatic safety cover, eliminating the necessity for a pool code compliance fence and ensuring security. This cover offers peace of mind by safeguarding your pool and keeping children and pets safe while maintaining pool security.

These are only a few of the pool options you can choose. Our team is here to provide various other ideas for features and amenities to uplift your outdoor experience and create a superb, comfortable, practical relaxation zone in your backyard.

Cost-Effective Pool Amenities

Our focus remains on utilizing top-tier products, premium materials, and superior features, never compromising on quality in any aspect of our pool enhancements. We meticulously select materials renowned for durability and aesthetics, ensuring an enduring and visually appealing result. While prioritizing quality, we strike the ideal balance between excellence and affordability, offering solutions that don't strain your budget.

We deliver unparalleled quality without necessitating extravagant expenses, enabling you to confidently upgrade your pool, knowing you'll receive enduring value and exceptional craftsmanship without breaking the bank.

For information about our pool options, please call the Coastal Landscape Design, LLC, team at (843) 559-3311. They will help with the information you need. We will ensure you get the pool you envisioned. You can also drop us a line through this Online Form. We provide end-to-end pool design and installation services, and we can add these elements and features to existing pools.

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