Pool Spa Combos

Pool Spa Combos, Charlston, SC

Pools and spas serve as exceptional additions to your backyard, each offering distinct structure, function, and allure characteristics. While some homeowners lean towards a pool's refreshing features, others prefer a spa's soothing and therapeutic benefits.

However, many homeowners find the idea of a pool and spa combination highly appealing, providing the best of both worlds – a space for relaxation, recreation, and hydrotherapy. The choice between a pool, spa, or combination depends on individual preferences, catering to diverse needs and desires for creating an inviting and multifunctional outdoor sanctuary.

Professional Pool Spa Combo Services

As a leading landscaping and hardscaping company in Charleston, SC, we at Coastal Landscape Design, LLC specialize in delivering industry-leading pool and spa combination design and installation services. Our expertise is crafting exceptional outdoor spaces that seamlessly integrate pools and spas, offering a harmonious blend of relaxation, elegance, and functionality.

We provide unparalleled expertise, innovative designs, and top-tier craftsmanship, setting the standard for outstanding pool and spa combinations in Charleston and beyond.

Benefits of a Pool Spa Installation

There are several notable reasons to install a pool-spa, such as:

  • Integrating a spa into your pool design, especially when elevated or at water level, allows for year-round enjoyment. Regardless of the season, you can relish the relaxing spa waters while appreciating your pool's ambiance.

  • While the kids enjoy the pool, a luxurious spa provides an indulgent spot for relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing for simultaneous enjoyment for adults and children.

  • An elevated spa can incorporate a spill-over water feature, doubling as an exquisite waterfall within your pool area. This adds an elegant visual element and soothing water sound to the overall landscape.

  • With added lighting features around the spill-over, the spa becomes a mesmerizing visual spectacle during the evenings, elevating the nighttime ambiance of your outdoor space.

  • Spas can seamlessly integrate into various pool designs, whether free-form or geometric, offering flexibility and versatility to complement the overall aesthetic of your backyard oasis.

Innovative Pool Spa Combo Designs and Ideas

We offer a variety of cutting-edge po-spa combo designs and ideas, incorporating creativity, functionality, and aesthetics such as:

  • Dual Elevation Spas - Creating visual interest by designing the spa at a different elevation from the pool, offering a dynamic look and feel to the entire area.

  • Integrated Waterfalls - Incorporating the spa as a spill-over with cascading waterfalls, adding a serene and picturesque element to the poolside ambiance.

  • Contemporary Shapes - Experimenting with unconventional shapes for the spa, diverging from traditional designs to create a unique and modern appeal.

  • Combination of Materials - Utilizing a combination of materials such as tile mosaic, natural stone, or glass tiles to enhance the aesthetics and texture of the spa and pool surroundings.

  • Incorporating Seating Areas - Designing the spa with built-in seating areas or loungers, providing added comfort and convenience for relaxation.

Personalized Pool Spa Solutions

We adopt a proactive approach, working closely with you throughout the process to curate unparalleled experiences. This methodology ensures we understand your aspirations and preferences, allowing us to tailor every detail to your desires. Our personalized solutions align with your vision, so the outcome surpasses your expectations.

For information about our pool spa combos, please call the Coastal Landscape Design, LLC team at (843) 559-3311. They are here to help with all the ideas and information you need. We will work with you to ensure you get the pool spa of your dreams. You can also drop us a line through this Online Form.

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