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Native Flowering Perennials

Scientific NameCommon NameTypeHeightHabitatColorBloom TimeExposureFeatures
Aesclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed Perennial 2' Dry, well drained areas; drought-tolerant Orange or red May-Aug. Full sun - part shade Dies in winter, resprouts each spring. Flowers arranged in clusters. Toxic.
Baptisia alba White Wild / False Indigo Perennial 4' Dry to average, sandy; drought-tolerant White flower spikes; bluegreen foliage April-Sept. Full sun - part shade Huge seed pods appear in late summer. Good landscape plant used as a shrub. Ling lived, little maintenance.
Baptisia tinctoria (Yellow) Wild Indigo Perennial 2-3' Dry to average; drought-tolerant Yellow May-June Full sun - part shade Low maintenance. Best in full sun. Flowers in clusters. Green seed pods rattle. Use in borders and naturalized gardens, prairies and meadows.
Bidens laevis Smooth Beggartick Perennial 1-3' Moist Yellow June-Oct. Sun - part shade Rapid growth rate. Needs plenty of watering. Will bloom until frost. Plant seed or roots in a bog or on the edge of a pond. Will bloom best in full sun.
Canna flaccida Golden Canna Perennial 4' Brackish wet areas Yellow May-July Full sun - part shade Beautiful, showy flowers. Occur naturally in wetlands. Need water during dry periods. Plant in masses in borders. Adds color and structure along ponds
Coreopsis angustifolia Coastal Plain Tickseed Perennial 1-2' Moist areas Yellow Aug.-Oct. Sun - part shade Great as border or mixed hedge
Coreopsis falcata Sickle Tickseed Perennial 1-2' Moist areas Yellow May-July Sun - part shade Great as border or mixed hedge
Coreopsis helianthoides Swamp Tickseed Perennial 1-2' Moist areas Yellow Sept.-Oct. Sun - part shade Sunflower-like flowers. Beautiful at the water’s edge, in rain gardens, or anywhere a tough and dependable plant is needed.
Coreopsis lanceolata Lanceleaf Tickseed Perennial 2' Dry to average areas; tolerates brief droughts Yellow April-June Full sun - part shade Beautiful long lasting flowers throughout much of summer. One of the finest flowers for cutting, lanceleaf tickseed has long, wiry stems and flowerheads that last for a week or more in the vase.
Coreopsis major Greater Tickseed Perennial 2-3' Dry to medium; drought-tolerant Yellow June-August Full sun  Features large, daisy-like flowers (2" diameter). Best naturalized in native wildflower gardens, meadows or prairies. Good plant for areas with poor, dry soils. Effective in borders. Common along roadsides in SE.
Eupatorium coelestinum Wild Ageratum Perennial 2-3' Dry or moist; low woods, stream banks, ditches Blue July-Oct. Full sun - part shade Easy to grow. Long bloom time. Attracts butterflies.
Eupatorium fistulosum Joe-Pye Weed Perennial 3-10' Average; drought-tolerant Purplish Pink Aug.-Sept. Ful - part sun Attracts butterflies. Tolerates drought, but best with plenty of water. One of showiest perrenials in fall.
Erythrina herbacea Cherokee / Coral Bean Perennial 3' Moist; drought-tolerant Red April-July Sun - part shade Adds bright highlights to woodlant plantings. Low maintenance. Attracts butter flies and humming birds.
Helianthus angustifolius Swamp Sunflower Perennial 4-6' Moist Yellow petals, reddish brown discs July-frost Full sun Great addition to any garden. Attracts butterflies. Salt tolerant and a useful Peren nial for coastal gardens.
Helianthus strumosus Paleleaf Sunflower Perennial 3-6' Dry, open, upland woods; woodland edges Yellow July-Sept. Sun - part shade Great addition to any garden. Attracts butterflies. Lovely flower heads occur in clusters at branch tips.
Hibiscus moscheutos Swamp Rose (mallow) Perennial 4-6' Moist soils White or pink petals, crimson centers May-Sept. Full sun Use near patios and entryways or in shrub borders to add color. Plant in low damp places and near streams and other water features. Huge blossoms are gorgeous ane provide color throughout the heat of the summer.
Iris virginica Blue Flag Iris Perennial 3-6' Moist, rich soils; wetlands, marshes, swamps, wet meadows Blue, pink, white April-May Sun - part shade Ideal plant for edges of ponds, lily pools or drainage ditches. Attracts birds; deer resistant. Interesting flower shape.
Kosteletzkya virginica Seashore Marsh Mallow Perennial 3-5' Moist, sandy soils; marshes, wetlands, etc. Pink, white flowers, yellow stamens June-Oct. Sun - part shade Flowers close at night. Great color late summer through fall. Attracts hummingbirds and butter flies.
Liatris spicata Blazing Star Perennial 3-6' Moist habitats Lavender, white Aug.-Oct. Full sun Tall purple spikes bloom after 2-3 years. Easy to grow. Use in meadows, wildflower gardens, and mixed borders. Most attractive in masses. Essential for butterfly gardens. Flowers last a long time.
Mitchella repens Partridge Berry Perennial 3" Moist to dry; drought-tolerant Pinkish white flowers; red fruit May-June Part sun Red edible, fragrant fruit in winter. Dense, creeping groundcover. Great under trees or in rock gardens or in a hanging pot.
Monarda punctata Horse Mint Perennial 3-4' Dry Pink to lavender July-Sept. Full sun - part shade Use in meadow or wild garden; not formal. Attracts butterflies. Plant in masses.
Nuphar luteum Yellow Pond Lily Perennial 1-3' Wet; fresh wetlands, ponds, lakes Yellow April-Oct. Part shade Can grow in water up to 16 in. deep; submersed or floating.
Oenothera biennis Evening Primrose Perennial 2-6' Dry; rocky or sandy soils Yellow June-Oct. Full sun - shade The flowers of this nightflowering biennial open in the evening and close by noon. The plant takes 2 years to complete its life cycle. Medicinal uses; attracts wildlife
Oenothera drummondii Beach Evening Primrose Perennial 1-3' Moist to dry Yellow March-Nov. Full sun Used for sore throat and eye diseases. Attracts butterflies. Maintain mulch layer.
Oenothera speciosa Pink Evening Primrose, Pink Ladies Perennial 1-2' Moist, dry; variety of welldrained soils White, pink Feb.-July Full sun Flowers release a scent at dusk.   Plants often go dormant in summer, resprouting with fall rains. Can work as a dense foliage groundcover in shade, but wont bloom without adequate sunlight.
Opuntia compressa Prickly Pear Cactus Perennial 6-14" Dry; sandy, rocky, welldrained soils Yellow flowers; red fruit April-June Full sun Use near stone walls, in rock gardens, sandy slopes, dry prairie areas, or as small area ground cover. Though evergreen, appear scraggly in winter.
Phlox carolina Carolina Phlox Perennial 3-4' Average Lavender, pink, or white flowers May-July Full - part sun Thick leaves; showy flower clusters. Very popular Perennial for borders and beds with robust, upright habit, long blooming period, and colorful flowers.
Pontederia cordata Pickerelweed Perennial 2-3' Wet; wetlands, edge of ponds and lakes Violetblue March-Oct. Full - part sun Plant in the margins of a garden pond or water garden. Provides important cover for wildlife, and helps wetlands filter polluted water.
Rudbeckia fulgida Black eyed Susan, Orange Coneflower Perennial 2-3' Moist soils Orange-yellow flowers with purplebrown centers Aug.-Oct. Full sun - part shade Showy, daisy-like flower. The cultivar, 'Goldsturm' is not as tall and is one of the most popular perrenials in the world. Use in borders and in natural butterfly or meadow gardens. Easy to grow.
Rudbeckia hirta Black eyed Susan Perennial, Annual, Bien nial 2-3' Average to dry; drought-tolerant Golden yellow May-July Full sun - part shade Reliable summertime bloomer, providing bright splashes of color in a mixed Perennial border or porch planter. Attracts butter flies.
Salvia coccinea Scarlet Sage Perennial 2-3' Dry; drought-tolerant Bright red Feb.-Nov. Full sun Interesting flower whorls along upright stems. Most are tough and durable and most are attractive to butterflies and many to humming birds as well.
Salvia lyrata Lyreleaved Sage Perennial 1-2' Moist soil; tolerates flooding and drought Blue to lavender April-June Full sun - part shade Excellent for planting along roads, swales, trails, and driveways. Low maintenance. Not good for formal lawns. Can be invasive if not cut back or mowed. Can be used in salads or for tea.
Saururus cernuus Lizard’s Tail Perennial 1-2' Wet; freshwater wet lands, marshes, and swamps White April-July Full sun - part shade Arching floral spikes resemble a lizard's tail. Medicianl uses. Low maintenance. Use for ornamental pools, bog gardens, and pond edges.
Solidago rugosa Roughleaf / Wrinkle leaf Golden rod Perennial 2-5' Average to dry; fields, meadows and prairies Yellow Aug.-Nov. Full sun Clump forming, so will not spread. Attracts birds, bees, and butterflies. Deer resistant. Divide every 2-3 years to keep plantings vigorous.
Solidago sempervirens Seaside Goldenrod Perennial 3-6' Moist or dry areas; sandy soils Yellow Aug.-Nov. Full sun Produces a tight clump of narrow, evergreen basal leaves. Low water use. Pinch the growing tips in June for a more compact plant.
Tradescantia virginiana Spiderwort Perennial 1-3' Moist or dry areas Blue, white, purple March-June Full sun - shade Very adaptable to wide range of soils. Minor skin irritation if leaves are touched. Attractive seasonal color in sunny or shady areas. May become invasive if not contained.
Verbena canadensis Pink / Clump Verbena Perennial 6-18" Low, dry areas; welldrained soils Pink, red, white, lavender March-Nov. Full sun Very vigorous, both in growth and flower production. Interesting foliage. Spreading plant. Attracts butterflies

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