Native Plants

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Native Grasses

Scientific NameCommon NameTypeHeightHabitatColorBloom TimeExposureFeatures
Andropogon gerardii Big Bluestem Perennial 5-8' Average; drought-tolerant; prairies, swales, open woods Bluegreen in summer; orange brown in fall Aug.-Oct. Full sun Upright form. Grown for its lush summer foliage and reliabel fall and winter color. Adaptable, care free. For naturalizing or as backdrop of flowering plants.
Andropogon glomeratus Bushy BroomSedge Perennial 4-6' Moist areas; roadsides, moist pine lands, dithces. Bluegreen; Red brown Fall Aug.-Oct. Full - part sun Ornamental grass with showy plumes that turn rust color in late fall or early winter. Used in golf courses, around pond edges, stream banks, and other wet sites.
Andropogon virginicus BroomSedge Perennial 2-5' Dry fields, upper shores of ponds Gold, brown Fall color Sept.-Oct. Full - part sun Can be invasive on disturbed lands. Striking fall and winter color when sunlight hits the fine hairs.
Calamagrostis cinnoides Reed Grass Perennial 4-6' Wet areas Yellow green July-Oct. Full sun Long, upright narrow leaves. Grows in open areas.
Muhlenbergia filipes Sweetgrass Perennial 2' Dry-wet Pink plumes July-Nov. Full sun Used for basket weaving, esp. in South Carolina. Winter hardy, aromatic. Moderate life span and growth rate. Beautiful pink fall color with wavy textures.
Panicum amarum Bitter Panicgrass Perennial 3-5' Sand dune areas Yellow (inconcpicuous) July-Oct. Full sun Coarse foliage texture. Long life span. Very drought-tolerant. Attracts birds.
Panicum virgatum Switch Grass Perennial 3-6' Dry and wet habitats; prairies and dry fields Pinkpurple plumes June-Oct. Full sun - part shade Grows in large clumps, like most grasses. Often used for restoration and erosion control. Adds fall color to naturalistic borders. Great wildlife plant.
Sorghastrum sp. Indian Grass Perennial 3-8' Dry areas; prairies and dry fields Golden brown Sept.-Oct. Tall, graceful stature. Beautiful metallic golden sheen. Loved by livestock.
Spartina patens Salt Hay, Saltmeadow Cord Grass Perennial 1-3' Wet, sandy soils; Saline marshes, sandy meadows  Yellow June-Sept. Part sun Narrow blades. Often used for beach front stabilization.  Attracts birds.
Uniola paniculata Sea Oats Perennial 4-6' Moist, fertile, sandy soil; sand dunes Yellowbeige June-Sept. Full - part sun Usually is the most conspicuous plant growing on the sand dunes behind wave-washed beaches. Cut to ground in winter. Root system helps reduce erosion. Can be invasive, but worth the effort.

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