Oyster Shell Concrete

Everyone prefers using the finest quality building supplies for their new projects or remodels. Among other products, we specialize in the use of oyster shell concrete for creating stunning and functional outdoor living features. Popular traditionally in seaside areas, this material gets its inspiration from the East Coast. It is an excellent decorative alternative compared to other styles. We commonly use it in a wide range of outdoor features including driveways, walkways, stucco, and flowerbed ground cover.

Oyster shell concrete is also great for bocce ball courts. We work with the right mix for the right type of application. Over the years, we have offered this service to homes and landscapes of different types throughout Charleston. Whatever your landscape, stucco, or concrete application, we have the right oyster shell solution for you. Even when hard rock aggregate is considered more durable, oyster shell mix can perform as well.

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